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I know this one is easy, but so often we forget that you can schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time. We get so caught up in daily social media, that sometimes we choose to just write a post daily. As a small business this can cost you time and money. Not all small to medium size businesses use Social Media tools. If you are that business, no tools, here are some suggestions and how to schedule your posts.

Plan your Facebook Posts

Save time and money by planning out what you want to post of Facebook for the week. Plan your scheduled post at least two weeks in advance. This will allow you time to create and update your plan as needed before the posting date. Spend an hour each week planning your posts and scheduling for the week. This is very handy during times that you will be out of the office and still need a Facebook post for the day.

Your posts can be regarding upcoming events, special offers, what is going on in your community that relates to your business, a cartoon that relates to your business. Your posts should always be informative, educational, inspiring, and/or entertaining post that engages your target market. Also, there should always be a call to action at the end of each post.

The ideal time for scheduled post is 6am. This is the time most people are getting out of bed and starting their day. They do tend to check Facebook in the morning, during lunch, and in after work.

Step by Step Instructions

It’s not that difficult to schedule your Facebook posts.

  1. Log into your business page

2. Write your post for the day with included graphics and/or links

Crystle Cloud Marketing Facebook Post3. Click on the down arrow on the Share Now button and choose Schedule

 Crystle Cloud Marketing Facebook Scheduled Posts

4. Set your schedule date and time for this post

 Crystle Cloud Marketing Facebook Schedule Post


It really is that simple! This can be done on Friday, with posts scheduled starting Monday of next week. It just takes a little bit of time to plan what you want to say and to schedule your posts.


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