SEO Should NEVER be an Afterthought

When creating all the content for your online marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should NEVER be an afterthought. SEO is just as important to your website as the rest of the content. Without SEO the search engines will have a more difficult time finding your website. Remember, you have two types of customers; consumers that purchase your products and services, and search engines. You need to appeal to both in order to sell your products and services online. You cannot have one without the other.


Mistake #1 – Planning and implementing SEO after you build your website.

Too many businesses focus on getting the content on their website and do SEO later. While you are strategically planning your website, do not forget to put SEO into this plan. If you make SEO an afterthought or “I’ll do it later” it will cost you more money. SEO is very important to your ranking in an organic search.

Mistake #2 – Not using SEO for your graphics, photos, and videos.

Adding SEO to your website is more than just adding it to your copy. You also need to add SEO to your graphics, photos, and videos. You should have your company name in the file name, Alt Text, and description. After your business name, tie in that specific webpage SEO. You want your company name attached to all your graphics, photos, and videos. This helps the search engines while indexing your website. Similarity, your graphics, photos, and videos will show up under the “Images” tab of a search engine.

Mistake #3 – Overuse of the SEO keywords or phrases.

Overusing the keywords or phrase on a page might be seen as Spam by the search engines. No one likes spam, and this includes the search engines. This is another reason to plan SEO when creating your websites content. You need to use the right keywords and phrases in the right place.

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Mistake #4 – Reusing the same SEO on multiple webpages.

When you have a medium to large site, it becomes very easy to reuse the SEO on multiple pages. STOP! Search engines see this as spam too. Each page says something different, so should your SEO. Don’t reuse the same page title, keywords or phrase, and meta description.

Mistake #5 – SEO is not a magic pill.

Many businesses believe that SEO is the magic pill and will produce more business overnight. This simply is not true. If a marketing company promises you overnight succeed to the top of an organic search when using a specific keywords or phrase, run in the other direction. Search engines take time to index your website, along with millions of other sites. Give it longer than one day for your business to be the top of an organic search using specific keywords and phrases.

Mistake #6 – Not analyzing your SEO data.

How do you know if the keywords or phrases are working if you are not analyzing the data? You should be looking at this data frequently. By analyzing the data, you can make the adjustments as needed. Keep what is working and change what is not working. This will help you reach more customers and get to the top of an organic search.

Mistake #7 – Not using SEO for every Blog post.

Blogs are one way to frequently update your website, and this make the search engines happy. They want your website to update frequently, not just be created and forgotten. Treat your Blog post like all other webpages on your website. Keep in mind keywords and phrases when writing your Blog (see mistake 1 and 3). Tie in this SEO to your graphics, photos, and/or videos on the BLOG (see mistake #2).

I’ll say it again… SEO should NEVER be an afterthought! Yes, it takes time and strategic planning, but well worth if you want to be found online. You MUST have SEO on all your webpages, blogs, graphics, photos, and videos. If the search engines cannot index your site using your SEO, then the customer will not find your website in their organic search. What you look like and sound, doesn’t matter if you can’t be found.

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