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Writing a Blog post is illustrating your expertise and knowledge in your specific field. Along with yourself, a blog also promotes your company’s products and/or services. There are all types are Blogs; someone’s personal journey in life, someone’s personal opinion on a specific subject, to business owners giving advice, and businesses telling you about their product and/or services. The list of Blog posts goes on and on. If you are a business owner of any kind you should be writing a Blog to demonstrate your expertise in your field. However, not everyone is comfortable with writing. Here are some tips to help you write a Blog post.

You are an Expert in your field!

You started your own business because you are an expert in your field. Regardless of your field, you have something to say. You have knowledge to share with your clients and future clients. Writing a blog will show you have authority and expertise in your field. You are an expert, so start exhibiting to your client base your knowledge in your field. Take your specialty and turn it into an informative Blog post.

I don’t know what to say!

This is a common statement made by most business owners. However, you do have something to say and with conviction. Listen to your clients, they will give you ideas for that next Blog post. Blogs are demonstrating your expertise and how your company solves problems for your clients. Write a blog about your new product and/or service, about a current project, past project, changes in your industry, about your charity… the ideas are endless.

How do I write a Blog post?

If you are not comfortable writing start by putting your thoughts into bullet points. Come back a day or two later and expand on the bullet points. Use the KISS system – Keep It Simple and Smart. Go back to the basic five paragraphs; introduction of your subject, three paragraphs to explain your subject, and conclusion paragraph. One example for a Blog post is the last project your company worked on; state the problem, methods to resolve the problem, and conclude with the outcome.

Use Pictures/Graphics

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so use them to support your Blog post. An example is a Landscaper; photos before your project starts, during the project, and lastly photos of the beautiful new landscaping. Use two to three photos for each phase of the project on your Blog post. The primary reason you are in business is to resolve a problem for your clients. Photo help to illustrate this message.

Hire someone to write your Blogs.

You should be doing a Blog post at least once a month. For a small business this can be difficult at times. You are focusing on growing your business and stopping to write a Blog post is time consuming. Hire someone to help you write your post. Provide this person or company with your bullet points and have them put these into a Blog. Don’t be tempted to buy pre-written Blogs in your field. This is not showing your expertise, this is showing someone else’s expertise.

Writing a Blog updates your website.

Remember, search engines are also your client. They like to see your website updated frequently, so writing a Blog is a good way to update your website. Stand out from the crowd by making your Blog compelling, utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the picture and Blog post, write your Blog in a unique and positive way, shared on social media platforms, use in your email marketing, and be consistent with your company’s branding.

Start Today!

Now is the time to start writing your Blog and demonstrating your expertise in your field. Schedule one hour today to begin your Blog. Put together a list of topics and give each topic at least three bullet points. Choose one that stands out to you and start expanding on your bullet points. Save your file and come back tomorrow; read your Blog, make changes as needed, post it to your website, and share on social media platforms.

Remember, you are an expert in your field with specific knowledge of your product and/or services. Yes, everyone seems to write a Blog, but that should not stop you from writing a Blog. Writing a Blog is a way to grow your business online, while sharing your expertise in your field.

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